Services to help you earn from twitter account

earn by tweets
Really you can earn from twitter. A lot of services are their people can utilize through the internet for fun or for information, social media play a big role in our life. Now it’s very easy to comunicate thousands of people, almost everyone is active on these sites even many people still try to escape and I was on this list too.
Microblogging platform twitter where you post anything in 140 characters so you no need to think how to start posting. Twitter makes posting just go. You can follow and others can follow your tweets, this is now more quickly people can know anything happening in the world.

Making money with twitter

To earn with your tweets you have to do the same as professional bloggers do, not google adsense but you will earn to promote others brands and services. Sometimes yes selling or affiliate business, means you have to call people. Not much like affiliate, you are not going to build your team to make you earn more.


You will promote services and brands direct from the advertiser, you are not always selling but promote by applying. Similar to affiliate marketing but here you get offers or you have to apply for the campaign.

As you decide to earn from twitter you can start in the second step by joining the site where you can find all the advertiser.

Steps to go create your profile- find a category you wanna promote- apply for same- wait to be selected- start posting as instructed.

Benefit to advertisers

Advertisers are willing to use services which can promote their business. Social media are in hand of normal people so it is so frequently using. People actually do not always come to share but sometimes or every day simply. If the advertiser wants to sell services they have to come to people and tell them about the service, as you have seen people involved (actors)in TV advertisements.

How to get them

If you are interested in promoting, think you can make some money in this way you can go and find them directly from the site where advertisers and publishers meet. To get started see the list below, I have selected some.

SponsoredTweets has bidding to get start. See the job available, read detail and requirement you get 5 bid in free account upgrade to increase bids. You can see pending and take the campaign on sponsorship page. Here you can add blog and more (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Vine, WordPress, YouTube) account if you have already or go and get one.

Speakr for Twitter and Instagram. Approval requires some time but you can instantly register and set the profile where you select your interests for ads. Use Twitter or Instagram account to login in a click. “Campaign” and “Post Campaign” link present in the top menu to see if ads are available to post.

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