Setting up my blogspot custom domain

setting up blogspot custom domain
Blogging is an idea to express your passion whether drawing, poem, review or sharing the ideas. In this social media age people do this with blasting on social sites, popular are facebook, twitter, google+ if you wanna write about step and tutorial, feel the need to update the post then go for a blog where social sites are to promote posts and share the news rather than detailed story. Bloggers actually promote, share and express in details.

BlogSpot domain

For bloggers all blogging platforms provide free address we know it sub domain, like with your own favorite name if it’s available. BlogSpot is free and you can set your own TLD(Top Level Domain) for branding, blogspot has option to set up even change the sub domain.

BlogSpot custom domain

Brand your contents by own domain with free weblog publisher. To do so you must have registered one domain name before setting up you will not get it from blogger dashboard. If you do not have it now you can get it easily from any domain name registrar or hosting company. Domain names can be purchased from $10-$15 for a year HostGator, BigRock, GoPickHost.

Step 1. Set CNAME for BlogSpot custom domain name

Before going to BlogSpot custom domain name setting you have to set CNAME on your domain registrar’s website. Go to Domain Name System(DNS) settings and enter CNAMEs provided by BlogSpot (you will find it on BlogSpot settings page).

If you are not able to find out DNS settings, ask your registrar that you need to set CNAMEs for BlogSpot and can not find settings. They will guide you or add for you just provide these two CNAMEs.


See it in below images to add new CNAMEs

BlogSpot CNAME1
Example of first CNAME
BlogSpot CNAME2
Example of second CNAME

Step 2. Open BlogSpot – setting up blogspot custom domain

Now you have to login and hit the button to set blogspot custom domain. In you BlogSpot dashboard you see all blogs you have, choose one for which you want to set the domain.

See the image below, hit down arrow it will open option and click settings.
blogger dashboard

Now you see settings page where you can change the necessary settings you want or require. Here you need only one setting to change that is Blog Address which is under Publishing title. You can change your blog address you are using currently by clicking to Edit link. In our case you have to click + Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog link which just below the text bar.
blogger settings page

Step 3. Add your domain name

This is the final step, add your domain name include www and hit save button. It require generally 24hrs minimum to point domain to blog. You will see it in action within few hours I believe or wait for 24hrs.
blogger custom domain name set up

If you put domain name without www the following message appears:
“Blogs may not be hosted at naked domains (ex: Please add a top-level domain ( or subdomain (”

All done

Now it’s all done. you can anytime use the domain name (as we worked above) and it will open the BlogSpot weblog. So, your visitors have new site address to open the same blog which was long.

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