Should You Buy Dedicated Server?

Looking for a dedicated server or just thinking if it best for you? See how it help you grow or you have to look for other plans.

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Author’s Name: Rajiv Sanyal

Should you buy the dedicated server? (When should you consider buying it?)

When you opt for the shared hosting plan, you have to share your server and resources with a number of other websites that divides the cost among many clients thus effectively bringing down the overall expenses incurred by each client. That is why it is counted as the most economical hosting plan suitable for small businesses and start-ups.

However, on the flip side, the same hardware and resources are used to host multiple sites. You cannot expect to enjoy a stable performance due to the ongoing tug of war. It can eventually result in downtimes, performance issues and page loading speed of your site – some key factors that decide your rankings:

Is dedicated hosting the best option for you?

However, if you are just a beginner and don’t have a well planned commercial objective then you can better go with the shared hosting plan. The plan is also suitable for websites that experience fairly small traffic on their websites. However, as your site starts receiving more traffic it needs more resources to handle the traffic confidently. In that scenario, you need a better hosting plan with a dedicated pool of resources. VPS plan can be the best option for the clients with more specific focused needs but limited needs budget.

We assume you have a good amount of budget and would not mind spending the premium amount to enjoy the ultimate ownership of your resources, a better price and highest levels of security. For such needs, you can go for dedicated web hosting.

Should you buy dedicated server?

Some important things to know before you buy dedicated hosting plans

Here we are assuming that you are running the profitable website with a wide global traffic. Significant use of media, plugins or other applications that need a high amount of resources to support the specific needs of your site.

  • Expensive– Dedicated hosting is more expensive. In fact, it is the most expensive among all the traditional plans of hosting. However, it perfectly justifies the extra dollars by offering a higher amount of flexibility to take complete care of your hosting needs while at the same time enjoying a wider level of security and privacy. Generally, we assume that your site is actively making a huge amount of dollars before you find dedicated hosting viable options for your site.
  • Security– Apart from maximum privacy the highest level of security is another great feature offered by dedicated hosting plan. When you opt for the dedicated hosting plan, you can be very sure about your security as no alien neighbor is residing on your server.
  • IP Address– Compare this to shared hosting plans where a number of unknown neighbors share the same infrastructure and resources. If one neighbor is having an objectionable site then your reputation may also suffer as the same IP address is used for multiple sites.
  • Indipendent– Likewise, a careless neighbor with almost no or next to nil security provisions not only jeopardizes its own site but also makes your site prone to vulnerabilities.
  • Powerfull environment– The major objective of dedicated hosting is to offer you the stable and powerful hosting environment. Capable to take care of the huge resource requirements of your website. Generally, if your shared hosting or VPS hosting now fail to offer the best user experience to your audience then you need to think seriously about dedicated hosting. Likewise, the performance and stability issues may also require you to go for the dedicated web hosting.
  • Avoide hacking– Due to its separate hardware server as well as resources the dedicated hosting is also shielded against hacking or various others threats.


In short, if your site is already making great revenue and you need more reliability, better security, and privacy for maintaining the performance and reputation of your site, then dedicated hosting can be the best option for you. Here, we would again like to emphasize that when you look at dedicated hosting at that point, your site should already be making a good revenue with considerable net profits after deducting the costs incurred.

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