Software to manage own affiliates

You have a business and also thinking to run your own affiliate program under your business name, looking how to track and manage payment? iDevaffiliate software has all your needs to provide you details about your referrer. You might be heard about this software before, it’s popular and well-known companies are using this.

Install this third-party software to manage own affiliate/downline/building. Installing this you can manage payments to your downline, monitor/running status and pending payments.

iDevaffiliate is easier to install and get setup, support is also better, user-friendly software, easy to integrate and comes with prepared HTML codes for integration into your website. iDevAffiliate makes it easy to manage the own affiliate program, you can easily pay them all.

Software that you can host on your own server when you want to have full control of your affiliate program, there are hosted solutions.

You have an SEO module (requires the Platinum edition) that will make the links of your affiliates point to your website in a search engine friendly way.

Integration Cart Wizard comes with iDevaffiliate software which pretty much does the job automatically if you are going to use a popular payment system like PayPal.


I recommend it if you are looking to building own affiliate program, idevaffiliate software will let you run and send payments to your members.

iDevaffiliate dashboard
idev affiliate admin ac for approved ac
idev affiliate admin ac for affiliate payments

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