How To Solve Tiny Spy Missions

Good fun game Tiny Spy – Find Hidden Objects. Experience the great fun solving short missions.
It is fun to play this game. You help a cute tiny spy to find the hidden objects step by step. It’s really fun where you have few objects to move. Challenge your brain to search for clues and complete the mission.

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Solve tiny spy missions

Here are few Tiny Spy missions which were asked for the solutions. However, others are really fun to find the clues, all missions are shown in the video.

36 missions with cute character and graphic, short file size. Below are two solutions which are little hard to solve by many.


  • PLAY with ease and fun
  • ENJOY the cute graphics
  • SOLVE puzzles with wits
  • BEAT 36 challenging missions
  • WATCH video walkthroughs for free

Mission 11

How to set dials for Los Angeles, Chicago and Denver?
You are in New York post office where the wall clock shows time 8:00. Here you have to set time for other cities. There is adjacently one hour of difference between Los Angeles – Denver, Denver – Chicago, and Chicago – New York. So you need to set the time on the dial as below.
New York 8:00
Los Angeles 5:00
Denver 6:00
Chicago 7:00

Mission 17

Get numbers
See the sign and get numbers from board and displayed on laptopn screen.

Laptop Board

Watch 35 videos of Tiny Spy. Click the link below.

Tiny Spy all mission solutions

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