Ten Most Common, Worst Passwords Of The World

A password should be always secure and not easily accessed. Is it? What you think ever you had a simple password on your smartphone or PC?

I do not really use the password to lock my smartphone. Mostly use slide lock when I am at home and pattern lock when going out. The slide lock is not safe when you keep your smartphone in your pant pocket.

Password to protect

We all know the password is to protect the unwanted use of our devices. Yes, we all do such huge mistakes.

Who is going to keep different passwords for all the devices they have and their social site accounts? It is really difficult to set different passwords for all your social sites. Mostly if you are a developer and have registered on many forums and social sites.

A password is only key to secure your account. So, now we see OTP(One Time Password) and 2-factor security are recommended to people.

Simple do not use them

At least do not use the common passwords what we used in the early stage of computers. Mostly we do when a computer is new or when the second user rarely uses (shared computers).

See below 10 most common and worst passwords people use.


My first password

My first password was 123456789 for my email account. It was my experience with internet and how the email works. Basically, it was only a demo by my internet teacher for an account and what the ID and password actually mean and work to keep you safe from other people to access the account.

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