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Best forex trading platform, eToro is one of the best online forex trading platforms at the moment, has everything you could want from an online forex site. eToro social trading and its OpenBook with Copy Trader functionality is something most of the newbies should use. They should learn from other traders.

Deposits and withdrawals are quick and there are many payment options to choose from: bank wire, credit card, PayPal.

eToro community of traders makes it easy to trade it has features one can know trading and follow trades of their fellow traders.

Trading community eToro offers traders several advantages like:

  • Ability to follow and copy experts with eToro OpenBook.
  • Guardian angel software to promote responsible trading.
  • Trade effectively with tools.


It has been said trading with eToro is easy with trading platforms, three types of platform company offer currently.

  • eToro WebTrader
  • eToro OpenBook
  • eToro Mobile Trading Platform

eToro WebTrader

eToro WebTrader
With their WebTrader, traders have the ability to trade from anywhere around the world through internet access. There is chat function added to WebTrader, they can choose to interact with other traders in the real time or they remain invisible if they do not wish to disturbed.

eToro OpenBook

eToro OpenBook
eToro OpenBook is much like facebook, eToro OpenBook allows traders to see what other traders are doing in the real time. Traders can follow and copy the trades.

eToro Mobile Trading App

eToro Mobile Trader
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