Traffic Exchange Social Website To Increase Hits

Here showing you how to get free traffic to your new website, twitter followers/re-tweet and facebook likes. People showing activity on social sites and they want people to like and re-tweet posts, it’s all human nature. Some people get success without investing huge money and time, some just stay away and loss their followers.

TraffUp traffic exchange website

What is traffic exchange website?

A website through which you can keep promoting and participate on others, same they do for yours. You join the site and put your website and visit others, the same they do for you. This is an exchange of visit, what you earn credits by visiting websites and invest it to gain hits for your site. Credits are nothing just runs to each other by visiting or purchasing.

How traffic exchange work?

It is simple, go and get a free account. People who want traffic for their websites are active there and you can show your activity to them. If they are interested in your topics/posts they will visit your site.

You need to collect some credits to make your website listed. Credits can be earned by visiting others website or purchasing it.

TraffUp for traffic exchange

This is TraffUp for traffic exchange, works for website traffic, twitter follow, twitter re tweet and facebook likes.

Traffic exchange works for

There is limit to add twitter and facebook account but more than one website can be added. All these work in same way, collect credits and exchange it for traffic.

Twitter and facebook address can not be edited except you can change it’s description. There is limit to assign points to award them who visits your page, from 20-50. 50 point is best if you want your website to be in first page.

FanSlave free likes/fans for social network

Preview of twitter traffic exchange

Twitter traffic can be gained by two ways first is follower and second is re-tweet. Set description for re-tweet each follow or re-tweet will give you same points. There is not any difference between them.
TraffUp traffic exchange for twitter

Preview of facebook traffic exchange

Facebook like works in same all likes will give you same points as for websites or twitter follow/re-tweet.
TraffUp traffic exchange for facebook

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