How To Transfer Files Between Android Phone And PC Using Xender

There are many apps to transfer files between your Android phone and PC/Laptop. Here in this post let’s see how to transfer files using xender android app.

Previous posts were about to create the connection between PC and Android phone. Two options were mentioned and both of them were only about building the connection.
If you are looking “How to connect android phone to PC?” you must visit the previous posts about xender.

After making the connection between your phone and PC, you are ready to transfer any files. You can send or receive from the mobile phone. Xender is unlike SHAREit mobile and PC app where you need to install in both of the devices to transfer files.

Here you need the only mobile app and your PC browser will do the rest. No PC app is required.

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How to transfer files

Using xender app is very easy. Unlike other apps, as I mentioned above. Here you need the only mobile app and the rest is done on PC browser. Find app at Google store.
After creating the connection between PC and mobile phone you can send or receive any file.

PC view of successfull created connection is below. You can controll all action, whether it is to send or receive files.

Xender file transfer
Web view of successful connection.

As you can see the left side navigation bar and home page shows all icons related to audio, video, text, picture files.
Just click whatever the file you want to send. If it is pictured click the icon related to pictures.
Remember your latest clicked photos/files may not appear in the PC browser, especially it is taken after the connection of PC and mobile phone. You need to click refresh icon present on top.

xender file transfer
1. Drag and Drop option is given to transfer files from PC to mobile. Open and folder, suppose photo. Open photo folder, drag and drop any file you want to send to mobile. It is done in simple way.
2. Upload button apear on top side is another option to send files from PC.
3. Download icon recognized by down arrow is to download/receive files from mobile phone to PC. By hovering the mouse all option to control the file will appear.

There view you see on PC browser is all from your mobile phone. So receiving files or sending is easy using browser. Suppose you control your mobile from PC. Use it to send or receive the files.

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