Want to earn as a freelancer

What is freelancer?

Freelance is working without belonging to any company, person is known as a freelancer. Free Lance comes from knight who would sell his service to any lord.

A person who works for anyone (company or individual) for money on a contractual or project basis. He is a self-employed, not employed by any agency or firm. Freelancer can do multiple jobs at time, he is responsible to complete work in given time.

Do work from home as a freelancer

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As a freelancer you are free to choose work time. No boss.

Freelancer, a person works alone in the project. No boss, so before taking any job he has to make clear about the job he can do and time to complete. You define the price for that work you are going to do, you are expert about. You can ask any amount depends on your talents, people/company are offering marketing service for $10 and some for $5-$7. This is the strategy for getting a job if you are a newbie or no quality apps (limited tools) to complete the job. So your price could be less, comparing to others. Whatever the price you ask one should agree in same who is going to hire you for that work and time period you need to finish.

So, just wanna start

Wait, if you go to the term free lancer as free to get everything and would be so easy, then take time and better you research about it. Freelancer job is free to start you can get online offers, contests and vacancies for a job (complete the project). It is selling talent to anyone who is willing to hire you for a price you want.

It is not easy as seems (selling your talent) you have to manage your time. It is your talent going to selling and you have to decide how much you should ask as you will need to give your time and money (in some cases). As a freelancer experienced person who has worked for companies can easily get hired showing work done and some examples (upload files).

If you are designer let it be web or artist/flyer you can sell it. As a freelancer, you really make good income from $5-$1000 and even more in some long and heavy project. If you are so talented and have industrial experience more possible to get hired quickly and get more money because I believe you will complete it in few days than others.

How to start

There are sites which bring employee and employer together so they can find each other by search tool and notifications when new and special projects are available. Go and create account provide all correct details about your work and talent you can do for them. Your activity will be marked and awarded so people can find you by your rank easy while searching.

Some companies hire direct from their sites and some use freelancer sites for small or big project. There are more than 100 sites you can find for freelancer jobs, some of them are here I will add some more later.

Some of popular and users favorite sites to find freelancer jobs

AyushVeda for writers and bloggers, click to How to apply.
Elance, UpWork, FreeLancer, Work n Hire, TrueLancer create you profile and find/get your project.
PostLoop for freelancer writer.

Fiverr, Gicree are great place to start in freelancing. Here you start working from minimum as $5-$10.

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