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Are you too looking for part time jobs? Do you find yourself good in writing or just you can write on almost any topic?

If you can write on almost any topic in more than 500 words then become a content writer. You can write on many social sites. Well, not facebook and twitter or similar sites.

There are many community sites based on different topics like gaming, technology, cooking, sports, lifestyle and more. Such community sites let you write good content and give you rewards that can be exchanged for real money or some give you directly money.

Writing online

I am here talking about online writing. Possible you assume writing as a writing a book and selling it. You can do that but here not about that. It is about writing online.

There are many community websites allow members to write the article and pay for it. They all have their own idea of making money. Some of them will pay for ad click displayed on your posts and some pay once. So, you can read their terms before joining the site.

What is web content writer?

You might heard about the term content writers/content writing. There are a lot of questions and posts I have seen about online earning and most of them asked the easy way to do it from home. I answered them to become a content writer.

A web content writer is a person who specialized in providing relevant content for website. Each website has a specific targeted audience. So a writer here post articles relevant to the contents of that website.

If you are a writer and really a good writer then I believe you can write in entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and motivational stories if not a techy guy.

Contents can be written for the various purpose. Most popular are.

  • Blogging
  • e-books
  • Newsletter
  • Social media marketing and promotion
  • Broucher
  • Flyers
  • Other online and offline marketing purpose.

A lot topics for web content writer
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Sites for a content writer

Below list will help you to start as a web writer to make some money. If you are new in this you can find information on how to start or just read others and this will give you the idea to start.

HubPages is best for good writers. They can write on any topic they like. Here HubPages allow you to add Amazon affiliate ID, so you can earn using amazon affiliate program.

Infobarrel is pretty similar to HubPages. Allowing you to earn through various means for publishing articles.

ShoutDreams fot tech bloggers. It is a blog network has few blogs where proofreader and editor jobs are available.

BlogPaws is for pet lovers and blogger who write for pet care.

ACHS invites ACHS graduates, students, faculty and industry experts to submit guest blog post. Submit a blog post of 600-1000 words on your favorite topic related to holistic health and wellness. You earn $50 for each post.

Cracked is most popular comedy site. So you can write on fashion, TV, games, movie, music etc.

CloudWards covers topic like data storage, online backup, backup strategy. If you find yourself a tech nerd then you get good money for your post. They also accep guest post.

Blog community

Virily is a social network like any other. You have many options to engage people around your posts like articles, polls, photos and more. You earn for reading others and when someone read, comment and upvotes your post.

This may interest you to earn through social activity with fun.

Steemit is another social site where you can post articles and same like Virily you earn digital currency. This could be hard to understand for login and withdrawing the funds. So I do not recommend newbies to join this site.

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