What If UC Browser Is Not Safe?

UC Browser is not safe and needs to remove it. Then what for browsing the sites on mobile?
As we all know a few months ago there were many posts about UC browser safety. You should care your data and need to move from UC Browser to any other.

It is popular

UC Browser does save your data use but need to take action.

No doubt it is fast and saves your money. But when it is about security, you must take quick action.
Speed, fast download, low data use, streaming video download and other functions including QR scanner which was my favorite.

After installing and using this browser I realized annoying ads but didn’t understand it. Then I reset the phone because it was hard to remove ads on phone screen. And now it is a security matter, where you must take action.

Data is not safe

We all experienced these ads on the home screen of the phone. It was the alarm that something going wrong or might create trouble in future and it is here.

According to The Citizen Lab University of Toranto they contacted Alibaba and UCweb before the release of their report and no furthur communication.

Do not do

Reduce your privacy risk by simple action.

  • Change all your saved password in UC Browser.
  • Do not login and save your password.
  • Do not open your internet bank account.
  • Do not shop online using UC Browser.
  • Disable auto saved feature.


There are few things you can do is contact Alibaba about it. This is what I suggest you and everyone should do it.

Second is, go and delete it. Use any other browser instead UC Browser.

Chrome browser – Not faster as UC Browser but safe. You can play multimedia.
Firefox – I prefer FireFox than Chrome in mobile phone. Many ad-onm responsive.
Opera – Use this for low data (opera mini). Proxy can be added.

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