Where To Recycle In India

It is my pleasure to have you here for “Where to recycle in India?”. I have seen many campaign and awareness programs in other countries. There are few organizations only to help poor and no one actually knows about “How to recycle in India?”.

Recycle is good

I do not think, you have question why should we re-produce used items. You are not going to keep all waste items forever.

Now we have some campaign by people who really want to see the clean India. Some programs are run by famous companies, there are volunteers and non-profit organization too.

I do not like waste products on my table

My broken video game which is no longer in used and putted in the corner. It was a older video game of my childhood. We have now many games and upcoming new games, who love to play older games all the time.

What do you do with all your e-wastes? Do you see any dustbin to put all your electronic wastes near you?

We have now many electronic gadgets such as smart phone, tab, laptop, television and more. All have limit to use and updates are another reason you have to say good buy to these products. Then buy another one for the same job.

Recycle used products in India

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Recycle used products in India

Your second could be first to someone.

ToyBank As the name suggest house of toys. They collect toys, restore them and distribute them to children who need them. If you too have toys which no longer in used do send them to ToyBank.
NEPRA Foundation A non-profit organization working and serving to rural communities of Gujarat.
LetsRecycle They collect commercial and industrial waste, paper and cardboard, metal, glass, plastic, wood.
PomPom accepts nearly all kind of recyclable products. Recycle almost anything at your given time. They pay in cash, no delay.

Specially for electronic waste

E WasteIndia India’s first Government authorized electronic waste recycle program to recycle electronic products.

Samsung recycling program to recycle all your samsung products.
Dell recycling, learn more about Dell recycling in your area.

Best for

Apple iPhones, iPads and Macbook.
KarmaRecycling is amazing. If you are looking your e-waste recycling program and see no way then visit KarmaRecycling. Sell used electronic products in any case (smartphones, tablets and laptops).

They currently buy Apple iPhones, iPads and Macbooks. Also buy most Samsung Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, Sony, Lenovo, Micromax, Xiaomi, LG and motorola smartphones. If you do not find exact brand of your product listed there, get a picture of the product and send them a mail with basic details.

Do not think just do it

Here is nothing to thing about these programs or whether these programs run in your area. At least you can support by sharing them in your community.
No doubt you have unused electronic wastes.