Why Is My Browser Being Redirected?

Seeing the default page of your ISP (Internet Service Provider)? What happened to my website/blog?

Unexpected browser redirection

It’s often the result of malware. Occasionally problem with the site or malware on the machine.

Suppose wall-spot.com site and it opens another page. The website does not open whenever you try to open any site, redirect to another page.
airtel default page
My internet service provider is airtel so I see their default page. Whenever I enter my site address it redirects to one.airtel.in/rcconf

Happened with me. I tried to open wall-spot.com what I see is another page, not wall-spot.com again entered the same address to confirm I entered the correct address. The same page again also tried other websites which I visit most of the time, redirection was some of the websites. I checked Google, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, these were doing good.

Redirection was only with few sites like my own and some of the others. Then I used my smartphone and opened the same address what I tried on my laptop browser (google chrome & internet explorer). Smartphone browser had no issues, it was with my laptop browser only.

Laptop/Desktop can not access internet but all other devices can

Solution I found

Because googel.com and other sites are doing good, I searched for the redirection solution. It took me a few minutes to find the solution for me.

Because I know it’s not

  • Change of IP address
  • Misconfiguration of server
  • Using same hosting service(not move to another)

So the problem is only with my browser as the result I found.
I got the simple solution, yours could be another you can visit below address to see for your problem or try mine.

You may like to read the other solution in the same here on Leo’s blog Why is my browser being redirected

Then took whole system scan and I found two threats by AVG antivirus.
avg threats detected
avg threats removed

AVG removed these two threats automatically. And I could visit my site again, all other sites are now access-able.

Last words

Keep your application up to date, such as browser and anti-virus. Do not use games on the same laptop/desktop for blogging/business. Not all games/apps are safe, avoid using unknown applications. Better you visit rating and survey site before installing any application.

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