WordPress CAPTCHA Plugin BWS

You are tired of getting all spam comments everyday, each hour even minutes. Decrease the amount of receiving all unwanted comments, give your visitors to prove themselves by adding CAPTCHA test. Your visitors have to pass before leaving comment. CAPTCHA plugin BWS (BestWebSoft) is one of the plugin you can install to your WordPress blog.

Putting CAPTCHA test into your forms allow you to control the bots commenting on posts. This is one of web tools let webmasters/bloggers to stop spammers. JetPack plugin is one from the developers of WordPress to stop bots and computer programs to post comments.

WordPress CAPTCHA plugin BWS

Simple plugin to keep your comment box spam free. BestWebSoft has some plugins you can install to your WordPress site, one plugin I am introducing here is CAPTCHA plugin BWS. There is nothing to do just install this plugin from plugin directory WordPress CAPTCHA plugin and set it.

CAPTCHA plugin BWS settings

After installation and activation the CAPTCHA plugin BWS you need to set it, just some settings. Check where you want to show this test, for free user you have four options Login, Registration, Comment and Reset Password page.
wordpress captcha plugin settings

More settings you have selection for calculation and enter your words before CAPTCHA test.
captcha settings

How to locate for these settings

Most users specially for new WordPress bloggers they are not able to find How to access the settings?
For this CAPTCHA plugin BWS you can see it alone in WordPress left side menu bar as BWS Plugins. All BWS plugins can be found under this.
WP captcha plugin BWS

Visible CAPTCHA plugin BWS before login

Below is preview of CAPTCHA plugin BWS for login if you want your member to pass it before login. Same CAPTCHA style as you see in below image will appear in comment box.
captcha entry before login

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