Alternatives Of MyLikes That Pay Per Click

Pay per click programs are quite popular among marketers and freelancers who make money with their social media platform.

As my last post was about MyLikes where I posted how to earn and how many minimum audiences require continuing making money.
Spam activity and fake hits are the major reason that people can not apply with low social media likes. All these sites now require you to have 10K/50K likes, where theses were not the conditions for new publisher account accounts. Let’s see alternatives of mylikes that pay per click, and the requirements for new publisher application.

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Maxflow money
Publishing network developed by bloggers and social page owners. If you are thinking to work with them, you must tell them the number of daily visits to the contents you will choose. So require you to have the large audience. Google approved contents, unique and daily new contents. $50 is the minimum withdrawal amount.

Click Buzzer

Although sign up is free, here your account need verification. If you have more than 50K Facebook page likes then you are good to go.
Your email address also needs verification by clicking on the link sent to your mailbox. Then you have to fill social sites detail and where you are going to place links. Your Facebook profile page URL and other social and website you are thinking to place links.
Payments are done via PayPal, Payoneer and Bank transfer for Indian.


Those who have less social page likes, can not join this system. Publisher requires a large number of audience to apply.
They run two programs for publishers. One is where the minimum of 10K likes require applying and another program requires 50K likes. Money pays via PayPal when you reach to minimum $20 and $100 respectively.

This is another one to earn sharing the contents. All you need to build your audience first. Get paid every week via bank wire transfer or Payoneer ATM card.


Another website to join free and start sharing the post to get paid. You can share the links to any social sites you think the traffic is more. Here you do not need large traffic to get an account. They allow everyone to join.

You can get own domain name as MyLikes, but you do not get a separate site. The domain is to share the link only.

Better you get own Facebook page to promote and do not post many links every day.


Get instant access and start sharing the post. If you think to use your domain name then iViralLink is not for this. Just get the post you want to share and poston socail site.

It is similar to others but uses many websites for the news. The link you get from the different sites. Most of the news and posts are from India but anyone can join and get revenue.

As claimed, you get paid for all clicks from the link you share.

Download android app and earn from social share


I do not suggest you do go for any of the site listed above if you do not have good followers. As I mentioned all these and even now MyLikes require minimum 10K facebook followers to continue earning. Some of these allow you to register without social media but require to put details about traffic source. Some of these take a long time to approve account and mostly get rejected.

If you can not manage traffic and try to do some tricks, suspension of account is sure without any notice and they will not go to answer your email. All the earnings of suspended account will go back to the advertisers (as per T&C).

Publishing network that Pay Per Click to go with

MyLikes that pay per click is only one I recommend if you really want to earn. Buy a domain name to share their contents, new domain can easily posted on facebook without any warnings.

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