Web Hosting For Starters

What a starter need to host a website? Worried about cost and you can not decide what web hosting company, plan to get you start with? Hosting for starters, maybe for new website/blog or for a new person looking for low-cost web hosting service.

Web hosting for starters

Going to host first website/blog or for a new website where owner think there would no need to invest more money. Here this post show you lowest plans from top web hosting companies, most of these are lower than $5 a month.
starter web hosting plans

Web hosting for starter plans is best for newbies as well as for those looking cheat web hosting service. 1 GB data storage enough for a new website, if you think 1 GB would not work then have a look for other plans for the same company. Most web hosting companies have three or four plans and all these starts as minimum 1 GB of data storage and cost you near about $5-$9 per month. This post is especially for people looking cheap web hosting service.

Best plans of web hosting companies for starters

Table show you lowest plans from best web hosting companies. Help you to choose one for you, hosting for starters is not best for services but a guide to help to choose from companies and plans.

Hosting for starters, lowest plan you can go for your first website/blog or best for individual writer for a year.

Web Host Disc Space Money Back Guarantee Pricing Visit To Plan
HostGator Unmetered 45 days $8.76/month HostGator
JustHost Unlimited 30 days $3.95/month JustHost
FatCow Unlimited 30 days $49/year(new) FatCow
HostingRaja 1GB 30 days 109INR/month HostingRaja
BigRock 10GB 30 days $2.39/month BigRock
eWallHost 1GB 30 days $16.50/year eWallHost
BlueHost 50GB 30 days $2.95/m BlueHost
Hostinger 20GB 30 days $2.15/m Hostinger

Starter plan is to start

Starter plans which is the lowest plan of the company, which is not always best for any person looking to hosting their site. Doing serious business need more data storage, so starter would not work. Mostly medium plan which allows more than 5-10 GB data storage would be the best to start a blog and forum. Upgrade it later, as site traffic grows.

Money back guarantee

You must read companies terms if not sure. Today most companies have money back guarantee for all customers whether you purchase a starter plan or business plan.
Mostly money back guarantee applies to web hosting plans and some companies have no refund policy for domain names (if you purchase hosting and domain name).

I have seen, customers post negatively when they do not get money for domain names.

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