How to determine my domain price

Considering bidding on a domain name or you want to put your domain name up for sale. You should have some idea how much domain is worth. A domain price is how much a buyer will pay for it.

My domain price

You want to know your domain name value?
Domain names are unique, Many companies there who are happy to access value of your domain name. For professional appraisal you have to pay.

You just want to know how much your domain is worth or going to sell it in near future. You can find out from most online tools available online, you will get many of them but not all will show you accurate value. If you just started using your domain with blog or website then price will be not available or very low. Most visited sites are more valuable.

Why my domain is less valuable than others

Domain names which never used will have low value than actively visited domains. Dot com is still king of domains, it is more worthy than .org, .net, .info. Domain name which is short and easy to pronounce is visited more and people love it, if domain name is a keyword then its plus point. More factors like age of domain, search keywords, alexa rank determine its worthiness.

Free domain appraisals

You can get worth of your domain name free online by the engine, there are sites and forums where you can ask how people measures it. You can ask them what is value of domain name you have by its name.

1. Estibot

estibot domain price
estbiot is one of top domain name appraisal service provider and most trusted. Guest query has limit sign up and get more.

2. FreeValuator

freevaluator domain price
FreeValuator is free to get value of any domain name and also they offer premium domain name appraisal service which gives you detail overview. Daily guest query service allow you get up to three domain name value, sign up will increase this.

3. Site-Value-Checker

site value checker
site-value-checker will help you to get almost correct value of your domain name.

4. Valuate

Valuate domain price
Valuate is powered by Estibot domain name appraisal and valuation service. Require you to have account there.

5. WebsiteOutlook

website outlook domain price
WebsiteOutlook Another free service to get you an idea of your domain value. No registration require.


Possible you think that you can get the perfect value of your domain name and get big money in sale. Today we have many and many websites/blog owners and all of them are doing good job with their site traffic and good search rate, we have now many of sellers than domain buyers and it is quite possible you get $5-$10 or $1000 in some cases. Mind it, domain name is valuable if buyer want it in same price you ask them.

These all services are only to guess your domain price, if you get some buyer willing to pay more, Congratulation!

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