Free Website Hosting Providers Without Forced Ads

Want to host files or blog for free and do not like forced ads? There is a solution for you. Now you can get a host and no forced ads.

It is not fake new and you really saw it is free hosting. You may know about such services if you are not new to online services and hosting.

You might think how it is possible and probably a fake title. But it’s true. Here you get some free hosting service providers which will not show ads on your site.

Free web hosting

Why companies give services for free

All hosting providers need money to continue service and maintain servers. This is main reason hosting company charge you large fee to keep your data safe. So why any service providers give you free hosting service?

If you have noticed here I have some post about free downloads and freebies section. Even you have noticed the cashback posts here. These all are almost free service and I have mentioned in many posts that items are free because these are either a part of a promotion campaign or sometimes company thanks to customers. Which keep people visiting the store again and again.

Get premium hosting to control all your data. Paid web hosting gives more traffic, data space and auto backups.

There are many free hosting services

Free web hosting features
Yes, you have tried them. Blogger, weebly and WordPress are few examples of free hosting services you know as a brand. They also provide paid service.

Apart from these, there are some free hosts which give you access to cpanel. So, you can install almost any script with FTP manager. Most of the hosts which give you premium service experience have some restrictions, like PHP limit, upload limit, low traffic and some of them delete the account for inactivity of a month.

The main issue with these hosts is forced ad.

You will have limit

Yes, these services are free and they do not place forced ads on your website as they claimed. Most of these provide really good and professional looking pages but with the limit of services.

There is no doubt they will provide services with limits. Such as:
Limited storage
Limited traffic
No large files allowed
No spam

Some of the features you would love. They will allow you to use their free subdomain or you may set own domain names.


Before setting any site with these hosts you have to read their Terms and Conditions. Some of these have the policy not to allow large files and large data. Mostly the provide unlimited data, but “unlimited” does not mean how you get it.

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