Get Free Products To Test In USA

Most of the free products available in the USA. If you are the residence of America you mostly do not need to look further for freebies.

Some free products to test are below. The company does not have many free products but what they create/sell. The list is based on apparel and home products. I am not focusing on beauty samples however, there are many free samples of beauty products.

Free products for USA

If you live in other country and website does not restrict or warn you, it is all your responsibility if you do not receive products.

Most of the sites below have clearly mentioned that only people residing in the US can join in this program, some have no such condition.

Get It Free

Free products

No sign up requires to Get It Free. Here you get coupons, deals and freebies. To redeem any of those just browse the website for the free products and visit the product page to claim yours.

Use printer to get the coupon or get smartphone/tablet app to be able to use the coupon.


Join Brillo connection and get free cleaning product.


Become a Reebok tester and try out free apparels and shoes from reebok. Select if you want to test apparel or shoes even you can apply for both and fill out your profile.

Once the profile is complete, they will let you know whether you have been accepted. See the requirements such as you must over 18 years old and residents in the USA to get this free.

Mead 4 Teachers

Mead products for teachers to use in your classroom. Sign up and endure that your name is in the list of eligible tearchers.

Sign up and complete your profile to get vocal point free samples. You will get notice when free are avialable that fits to your profile.

Freebies like hair appliance, gift cards, high-value coupons and food samples.

New balance

Sing up new balance wear tester complete your profile and to get free products to test. Once completed you will be able to enter into the community.


Join snuggle community and keep your profile up to date, take surveys then you will start to qualify for free snuggle products. You will get notice for the products via your account and email.

Johnson & Johnson

One of the largest consumer goods manufacturers has a product tester panel called friends & neighbour. Join and focus on groups, forum discussion and online survey and product test.

Home school

Fill out the form as a homeschool product tester. See your mail inbox for application status. If your application is accepted, you will start receiving school supplies for your kids.

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