Google Keyword Planner To Plan Keywords For Website And Contents

How to select best keywords and get the best result for your contents? It is for everything like graphic art, selling online, YouTube content or let it be to show your artwork online.

Yes, keywords are so important and many do not care about it mainly new creators. This is why they struggle a lot and get no positive result.

I am here sharing a simple idea to get the perfect keywords for your online business or just for showing your hobbies. Suppose you are a graphic designer and just want to show your work online and can not select the matching/similar words for your content. Here works a planner to show the similar words. And this post is about keyword planner.

Keywords for all purpose

Not only for webmasters but I think this help to everyone even for graphic designers who just can’t decide the perfect keywords. As I usually upload graphics and photographs, sometimes can’t find the right keywords for that particular item/content. Here keyword planner helps a lot to select the best one. If you are selling something then it just saves your time and effort.

How to find google keyword planner?

Google planner is available with AdWords and this helps advertisers to select from the best and high CPC. You save money there and get good traffic.

So, here is how to find Google keyword planner.
keyword planner

  • Loging to
  • Now click on gear icon (spanner icon). See the image above.
  • Here you find “Keyword planner”. Click it.
  • Now you can add keywords to see the rate and similar keywords.

Short video here

A short visual example will help you understand more to find google keyword planner.

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