Great link shortener services

Link shortener handy tools
In this post I am introducing link shortener service which is not paying and widely in use. As we share and post on social media sites, long URLs can not be shared you know it very well (through mobile messaging and on comments reply), if you find something interesting or funny without wasting a seconds including some words you will go to share it through your most favorite social sites.

What is link shortener

When I was first encountered this word, it was in my mind that why these tools are available online but now I can understand small things/tools help use so much.
See the word Link Shortener, it’s a tool which creates short link from a long ugly-looking link. You need to enter long URL and tag if available or program will create random tag. Here link is from and oy0BGl tag is created randomly Some sites allow you to generate custom tag so you can set own.

There are hundreds of services to make easy short link but all are not well-known you can find them by search engine or friends posts in social comments. Twitter and LinkedIn have their own service but you can not use twitter service if you are not registered member. Because short links can be shared through SMS and twitter (micro blogs where 140-160 characters are allowed per post). As people always see earning side: Get paying link shortener service

An example of link shortener service
This is created as demo purpose of link shortener. You can see all your created links and hits by hours, day, week and month.

Great link shortener service

All below services are available for both registered and unregistered visitors. If you want how many hits your links are getting, you must register and get advantages for more.

  • is google service, so you can trust most of services I have seen is no longer available for this your links are not going to delete.
  • service is popular can be seen on most site posts specially webmasters and bloggers using it very frequently for recommendation, one can use own tag.
  • is simple link shortener service which is quiet popular but has no features like goo.le and, you can use it without sign up.
  • a simple link shortener you can use as non registered and registered user(for twitter user).
  • for non registered and registered users. Creates QR code, custom tag, statistics, track country or city of each click. They remove confusing characters like O (upper-case ‘o’ letter) and 0 (number ‘zero’) or even ‘l’ (lower-case ‘L’ letter ) and ‘1’ (number ‘one’).
  • for all user register user can delete or edit links, get unique returning clicks.

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