JetPack multi plugin for wordpress blog

JetPack enjoy multi wordpress plugin

JetPack multi plugin means

powerful features to WordPress users. JetPack multi plugin what every blogger needs basic features like Contact form, site icon, spelling and grammar, subscription, related posts, wordpress like, sharing and more there. Multi plugin that means you do not need to search for WordPress plugins for individual purpose like site stats and sharing, you get some plugins in a pack “JetPack”.

JetPack from the developers of WordPress, company known “AutoMattic” has some plugins to install for better experience to bloggers and visitors. To run blog we need some features to be installed for visitors/customers communication and satisfaction like comments and contact form. Suppose you want your blog readers to share any posts they like to facebook, twitter and other social sites. There is plugin you can find to show buttons, visitors can just click and share it. If you want contact form, share button and comments features on your blog then you will go find the directory and install all these three plugins, right? But, here JetPack will bring these three even more by installing single plugin and more trusted because it is “AutoMattic” a company behind “WordPress”.

For basic features and tools

When you decide to write blog about anything not matter you would like to place a contact form and definitely own favicon to show. If you do not want all features from “JetPack” then only activate features you want on blog, you can activate or deactivate anytime. Find JetPack plugin here

Multiple plugins in one installation

JetPack offers in one installation

There are many WordPress Plugin for contact form available you can install to your self hosted WordPress and second plugin for site stats and another for sharing. JetPack makes it simple in one plugin, you enjoy multiple plugins by this one installation.

Know here little more about its features

JetPack categorized

Here I am not going show you all but few of its, there are currently 36 items under 10 categories. You can see “JetPack” just by login to your site, on left menu bar. Most useful and basic given below with description.

Some of them you get with JetPack are

  • Comments enables your visitors to use their facebook, twitter or account when commenting. You can configure colors to match.
  • Contact form is great way for queries or support without giving your email id. Form is spam protected with “Akismet” if activated on your site.
  • Sharing Social sharing links to make it easy for your site visitors to share any post from your blog/site on social sites.
  • Manage allows you to update your self-hosted WordPress blog along with other you have.
  • Mobile Theme is optimized for small screen. You would also like visitors to use their smart phone to visit your site.
  • Publicize allows you to connect your blog with popular social network and automatically share new posts.

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