How Many Paid Ads You Can Get Everyday In PaidVerts?

PTC is the easiest way to make some money online without paying any penny. Most of the people go for PTC sites to earn some money, why?

The short answer is – you do not pay and instantly start collecting some amount of money just after the registration.

PaidVerts ads

Paidverts paid ads
PaidVerts is unlike other PTC sites as it requires you to actively visit. First, you need to collect points more than 300 to be able to receive paid ads. This point is known as BAP (Bonus Ad Point). More BAP you have the chances of getting more paid ads is higher than other who do not have activated their account or have low BAP.

What is the difference between BAP and paid ads?

Paidverts BAP
PTC is simple, you visit ads and receive some amount. PaidVerts let you earn from $0.0005 to higher (claim $200). There are people who have earned $2-$5 for a single ad click. You do not get daily dollars especially when you do not actively visit ads.

To receive large value ads, you need to collect the BAP first.

BAP ads give you points called BAP and paid ads to give you money. The first day of registration you get 8 BAP ads which give you BAP points. 22/25 BAP of each ad click and then you qualify to receive paid ads. You have to wait for paid ads. Possibly you would not get paid ads on the first day and even the second day but you will see some BAP ads every day.

Collect them to increase your chance to receive more ads. These points also assign your group where the member of higher groups get more ads and larger the amount.

First time I received 22 paid ads

Almost one month of activity I received the first-time total number of 22 paid ads. The BAP was 1700. There was two $0.001 and 20 others have $0.0005 value of paid ads. To get more paid ads every day you must have more BAPs.

All these just depend on your BAP and 1600+ BAP only give you more paid ads otherwise you may receive 2-4 ads. Also, visit twice a day to check if there are any active ads for you. Click it before it expires.

BAP assign your groups

Bonus Ad Points actually assign you a group and you get promoted as you collect more BAPs. If you have 1000+ BAPs then you are in group 1 and increases as you get more points. The higher group is 15.

The 1st group gives you more paid ads near about 20-22 every day which pays from $0.0005 – $0.001. Most of the ads pay $0.0005 and 2-3 ads give you $0.001/$0.002. In the day you join paidverts you only get BAP and this need 300+ for paid ads. Until you start receiving ads just visit every day and click all BAP ads for more points and to increase your group.

paidverts groups

You stay in 0 group until you have the minimum of 1599 BAP and you get promoted in group 1 when you cross 1600 BAP. You can see your group in your dashboard (first page after login).

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