My Order HTC Desire 526G Plus and cover from SnapDeal

Experience for the order of HTC Desire 526G Plus

SnapDeal cheated? You can find many posts on this, but can you believe that such a well-known company can really cheat? Cheating is simply cheating, not for the big amount or small. This is my first negative experience with any online shopping store. My previous order Nikon COOLPIX L31 was positive with them. This post is about HTC Desire 526G Plus and a back cover.

In this festival session, my sister told me to choose one smartphone for me and one for her. I suggested her Sony, Samsung, htc for sound and more storage capacity than her older had. My brother told her to get redmi, xiaomi for 16GB, 5 inches screen and 13,16 MP camera with minimum 5/8MP front camera.

Last months of 2014 and between 1-7 months of 2015 HTC had some great models launched under 15000-20000 INR. Online stores like amazon, FlipKart, SnapDeal, ShopClues all these stores had discounts on all products also people could get double discount for online payments and cash back using payment via specific bank.

I decided to buy HTC Desire 526G Plus after reading reviews, it was not easy to choose one from the list of [best smart phone under 15000INR]. Although HTC desire 526G Plus was not in this list, I chose it for brand name and good look. HTC is popular for camera quality and sound, so I wanted to have experience myself to this brand.
HTC Desire 526G Plus
This is review of online store called snapdeal. I want to share my experience about it because they replaced my order and delivered another item. That was not so bad, product was in well condition and good quality.

What were my products?

My order on snapdeal was a HTC Desire 526G Plus and I also added its back cover. I received this phone and below are pictures of it, the mobile phone was in good condition and it was the same mobile phone but back cover has been replaced. Some details I would like to share about the offer not for the phone.
Amount I paid for both of them.

Item Discounted Price Order date Received
HTC Desire 526G Plus 8349 INR 28/10/2015 6/11/2015
Back cover 299 INR 28/10/2015 6/11/2015

See how the discount was on the date of order.

Item Price Extra charge Discount
HTC Desire 526G Plus 8880 INR 50 INR 581 INR
Via flower black cover for HTC 526G Plus 997 INR zero 70%

They cheated?

I believe today many people are using online shopping and all with different experience. Can you believe a famous one can do this with you? There are many cases as my brother says. Now, I can say yes it’s possible.

I believe it was just a mistake. Possibly the product owner uploaded the different preview and they shipped another one.

Replaced order by snapdeal

They just replaced my order for HTC Desire 526G Plus back cover. The product inside the sealed parcel was not what I had ordered. My order was a back cover for my HTC Desire 526G Plus smartphone and they delivered me not one but two back cover with the different design which I had not seen while making the order.
HTC back cover

This cover is the cover for HTC Desire 526G Plus so, it fits perfectly. Both of the covers are same and I can use it with this phone. They delivered me another product which I had not ordered.


As I read some negative reviews that misplaced products and less quality of products were delivered to people, now I can say they were right. There are really some tricks known and unknown. Actually, it is vendor’s responsibility to ship the product.

Before placing any order not only snapdeal but to any online stores look if they have the money back guarantee and does it apply to the product you are going to order. So for this time, I am keeping this, because it is in good condition the only thing is design.

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