Now Get Cryptocurrency Address With Payza

Payza introduces cryptocurrency wallet for all their account holders. Now manage Bitcoins easily.

One of the best known online payment platform Payza has now introduced cryptocurrency wallet. All account holders can now manage Bitcoins within their account.

Payza is not mostly available to purchase at stores as we use PayPal and other platforms. Bitcoin is a currency which got popularity, an option to make payment to personal and also in e-commerce sites. It is the one which is more popular among us than other digital currencies. however, people also use Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and others.

Since the Bitcoin a digital currency was first introduced, there was no any fee to transfer but now in the year 2017 the first time I was charged to transfer Bitcoins into my wallet.

Payza Introduces Cryptocurrency Address Manager for Easy Bitcoin Transfers

There are many Bitcoin platforms where you can get the wallet and generate Bitcoin address. Payza is well known with PayPal and other online money transfer systems. however, it is not with the options of many stores to purchase. Wherever the payment is available you can use it in a simple way. Now do the same with Bitcoin and Litecoin.

After this announcement, I visited the account and looked for the Bitcoin option to see the currency manager. As the dashboard is very clean you do not need to search the page or help articles.
Login – Wallet – Cryptocurrency address manager

Payza bitcoin

As per their announcements, Payza members can manage Bitcoins and Litecoins. To generate the Bitcoin/Litecoin address follow the above steps.

Bitocin is already added in most of the e-commerce site as a payment option, so use it in the same way. Wallet manager help to create and delete address you have create and allows to manage up to 50 addresses at a time. There is no fee to the transaction but apply network transaction fees.

Bitcoin network transaction fee is near about 0.0001 BTC.

Full Bitcoin wallet functionality for all account holders

Members have the ability to create Bitcoin address and QR code to receive Bitcoins from other Bitcoin wallets. One can generate as many Bitcoin addresses as per their needs.

Users now have all the functionality that a Bitcoin wallet providers. The feature is available for personal and business account holders. Payza merchants can continue with payment buttons to process Bitcoin payments on their websites and APIs for automating Bitcoin payments.

How to buy Bitcoin with Payza?

  • In your Payza account select “Withdraw Funds” on top navigation bar and select “Bitcoin”.
  • Select the currency you wish to use, then enter Bitcoin address and amount you wish to withdraw, then click next.
  • Verify the detial, enter the transaction PIN and click “Withdraw” to complete.

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