Online Icon Creator For Apps And Websites

Creating favicon for website or app you want is just a click away and you get perfect icon to use any where. Online tool is so easy to handle and create in a click. Images can be seen more easily and it’s also branding your app or website.

Online icon creator

It really help, I have created many icons online I am not using any application for icon creation. Icon creator apps are not what I use everyday. Although I create banner and clip art for sale, do not have icon creator for my own blog. I use online icon creators to do it.
I had some posts about online funny photo maker, photo to cartoon effect and other photo conversion tools. You can use search tool in this.

Pic2icon for all

Here I would like to introduce you with Pic2Icon. Online tool let you convert own image into icon for apps, website and apple/android icon.

I was creating facebook app for my blog posts to be published on facebook page so I can focus on writing and promotion. Facebook app require some of necessary fields to be filled like site URL, Oauth address, email address for website app. There are some more to be fill otherwise you can not use it. Icon is one of them at-least you need two icons. One should be 1024×1024 and another 16×16.

16×16 size is common, so there is not problem for this one but 1024×1024 is rarely used. I tried searching and found Pic2Icon where I got my icon instantly. Yes, you have to create bigger image to convert into this size (1024×1024).

Why Pic2icon

I like Pic2icon for easy creation. It is so easy, just click and go. Choose any image you want to change into favicon for website/blog and convert it to any size by tools available.

Common icon size can be found easily, there are free favicons sites available anyone can get free license or purchase. Pic2icon let anyone to create own icon for blog and apps, icon size matter sometimes where you can not get for own Pic2icon is the solution.

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