PointsPrizes Earn Free Gifts

Earn points and claim free gifts. Website reward points to do various tasks online and then claim for any gifts they offers.

There are lots of websites similar to PointsPrizes which gives points to complete tasks and the points are exchangeable for gifts. The gifts could be game code, shopping coupon code for Amazon/eBay, PayPal money, Bitcoin and many other stores offer.

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What is PointsPrizes?

PointsPrizes is a website allow to earn money by completing offers such as online survey, signing up and downloading apps.

To get some free points apply these PointsPrizes coupon codes

Once you have earned enough points you will be able to exchange it for PayPal money, Bitcoin, game code and Amazon/eBay gift cards.

What are the ways to earn points?

PointsPrizes offers
This is a rewarding website where you complete offers and collect points, each offer with different credit points. Mostly there are survey and trial offers. Online purchase will give you more points than other tasks. It is not Points to shop where you get reward by shopping, here you rarely find shopping offers. Here, online purchase is the domain name which gives you 1500 points.

PointsPrizes has survey offers mostly which give you 40+ points and above. There are advertisements view and game tasks. Ad view is available for smartphones (Android and iOS), these are video ads. Playing online games gives 1 point for each game.

  • Surveys
  • Trial offer/Sign up
  • Video ads
  • Daily poll
  • Coupon codes

What are the prizes to claim?

PointsPrizes to claim prizes
There are cash prizes, game gift codes, google play store code, Facebook game card credit, skype credit, some online stores coupon.

They also have cash prizes you can claim for PayPal and Bitcoin which is $20 of value. Other gifts like Amazon, iTunes, eBay, Netflix gift cards.

For all these prizes you need the minimum of 3000 points to make a claim such as PayPal and Bitcoin $20 of value.

How to start?

Get a free account there and start collecting points. You will instantly get 200 points on your first day by 30+ offers.

Unlike other websites, PointsPrizes do not ask you to fill the 2 minutes of form but you need to enter your email id to get the start. No password and no user id. After login verify your email id by clicking on the link sent to your email box.

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