How To Remove Apps Connected To Your Google Account?

How to remove apps login connected to your Google account? You have signed up to apps using your google account and now want to remove.

Apps connected to your google account

Social sign up/login helps to access any site which asks you to join before using their services. Using social sites like Google+, Facebook and Twitter make it so easy to access sites/apps without filling any form.

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social login

Today there are many websites and apps lets people to quickly get registered by giving the option to use social sites. One click access where visitors do not need to give time to complete the registration process. Social login is one answer to make registration a second action.

Social login to test service

Because it is easy to access or take part in any website which requires registration, you may have as many apps/websites connected to google. Even such websites you want to see how the services they offers.
You can visit and login site which has app connected to your google account. Anytime until you allow those apps. You can restrict them to not use your google account again and same is possible. Means you can allow apps and not allow anytime.

How to remove apps connected to google account?

If you have some apps connected to your google account and want to remove them for some reason, follow these steps.
Step 1: Open and click to dotted(google apps) link on top right side of the page.
Step 2: Now on drop option click to “My Account”.
Step 3: Under “Sign & Security” click “Connected apps and sites” link.
Step 4: Now click on “Manage Apps” link to see all links and find app you want to remove.
Step 5: Click “Remove” button, it will ask you to conferm the action. Click “OK” to conferm or “CANCEL” to stop action.