How To Remove Apps From Twitter

Remove apps connected to your twitter account in the easy simple way.
The action you take to remove is known as revoke in twitter unless other social sites. Removing apps connected to twitter is easier than facebook and google.

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Remove apps connected to twitter

Profile and settings
Login to your account to see how many unused/unnecessary apps are connected and you want to remove.
Now click on your profile icon displayed on the top right side of twitter page. This will show drop down menu, where you can see “settings” option.

The icon is known as profile and setting icon and it may appear in shape of an egg or your image if you uploaded one.

Settings and privacy
Now click to option “settings and privacy”. Shows your basic account details username, email, language and basic security.
Twitter settings

Now scroll down and find “Apps” on the left navigation. Click it to go apps page where all your connected apps are listed.

This is the page where all your connected apps are displayed. Scroll and find the app you want to remove.
Now click the button called “Revoke access” appear next to app name and short description.
Revoke access

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