SFI Abbreviations For Newbies

SFI Abbreviations for new members. For all new members want to take quick look on short form.

SFI short form

This small list will help new members to start getting this program in easy way. Just Short forms given below.

SFI – Strong Future International. Earn money online
VP (Versa Point) – Points in SFI.
AVP (Active Versa Point) – When you do something you earn AVP.
CV – Commission Value.
SVP (Sale Versa Point) – When you purchase or sale something from Triple Click store it is called SVP.
EA (Executive Affiliate) – You are an affiliate on joining to SFI. You qualified to Executive Affiliate after 1500 VP score.
EA2 (Executive Affiliate 2) – You maintain 1500 VP you called as EA2.
PSA (Personal Sponsor Affiliate) – When someone join under you, he/she is called PSA of you and you are the sponsor of that person.
CSA (Co-Sponsor Affiliate) – SFI give you person under you, they are called CSA.
MVP (Matching Versa Point) – When your down-line score VP you will earn the same point of your down-line, this is called MVP.
AFF (Affiliate) – New members are affiliated by default. If you do not maintain at least EA2 you are called AFF.
ECA (E-Commerce Associate)
SO (Standing Order) – Any regular monthly order Triple Clicks is called SO. This order at least have 1500 VP or greater.
MRP (Member Reward Point) – Virtual currency of Triple Clicks.
TL – Team Leader (BTL- Bronze Team Leader, STL- Silver Team Leader, GTL- Gold Team Leader, PTL- Platinum Team Leader, DTL- Diamond Team Leader)
SFIPPA – Strong Future International Pay Per Action. Supplemental income program allows to act as an advertiser for SFI and earn supplemental income by getting others to take actions such as filling out forms.

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