Simple Steps To Create Your Own Font Pack

As a designer you may like to get your own work used by many people around the world.

Create your own font

Make your own style. Everyone would like to use something new. Let people get your design on the personal project as well as commercial.

To create your first very own font, you require an application which will convert your art into font which can be used in WINDOWS/MAC.

Free font download here, also show some supports by your kind donation.

You can use any application which can export your font design in SVG/EPS format. I have Inkscape which is free to download. Adobe illustrator is also best (subscription required).

I have Inkscape for vector art and FontForge to create font file.

Follow these steps to create your own font

Step 1: Design your own style- Open style program (adobe illustrator/inkscape..) and start with simple styles for alphabets and then go for numeric characters. Save each character in seperate file like letter_a.svg and letter_b.svg as below file is la.svg for letter A.
You would have to save all 26+26+10=62 characters in individual files (capital+small+numbers).
Font design in inkscape - own font pack

Step 2: Open new file in fontforge and click box associated with letters. It will open design window where you can design fully new font or you can insert from the supported format like Image, EPS, SVG, PDF page graphic, Glif, Raph’s plate files and XFig.
Open new document fontforge - own font pack
Import file-
fontforge import

Step 3: Here you can move points to manage the design or delete.
Manage the width. Your font left and right space is managed here. Click menu – Metrics
Manage design
Transform your font by moving and increasing the size. Click menu – Element – Transformations – Transform
Move – On X and Y axis.
Rotate – By degree.
Scale uniformly – By percentage.
More options here like scale, flip….
Close this window after designing.
Transform font

Step 4: Do same process with all other letters (capital and small letters). Save font details like name, copyright, comment and version. Go to menu Element – Font info
fontforge done

Now generate your new font style. File – Generate font
You can save in TTF and OTF format and send them to friends or use it to design your own advertising, designing (flyers, banner) or just for personal use.