If Someone Has Read My Message In WhatsApp

How can I tell if someone has read my message in WhatsApp?
To know if the message was read you just sent to friend/group.

WhatsApp message

WhatsApp is the one app installed by many of people. It let us send and receive the text message with emotions and media files without any extra charges. It is calling and messaging application not only available for mobiles phone but PC too. The same features are now available with many other applications similar to WhatsApp.

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Message without restriction

App has no restriction. Open and send messages anytime whether your friends are online or not. The receiver gets a notification on activating the data connection.

Know if your WhatsApp message has read

Senders have the ability to know if the receiver has read the message or not by following simple steps. Follow the simple steps to know if your message has seen by them. However, it is visible on top if friends are online or when they were last seen.

Steps to know message was read or not

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and go to the message you sent and want to know if it has read by your friends. Now tap and hold for few seconds.
Who read message in whatsapp

Step 2: Options appear on top. Tap to “i” icon (info icon).
Tap and hold message in whatsapp

Step 3: Now you can see your message delivery date and time below the message you have sent. The blue double tick means the message has read and gray double tick means delivered.

Single gray tick – message successfully sent
Double gray tick – message delivered to recipient’s phone successfully
Double blue tick – recipient has read message

message in whatsapp blue tick and gray tick

Your messages are ticks mark next to it. Every message contains date and tick mark, shows successfully sent, delivered and read by the recipient.
whatsapp blue double tick

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