Stop Receiving Spam Comments

Are you receiving all the time un-wanted and off topic comments everyday?
Today there are many people blogging and all they need some back links, they often use off topic messages everyday. Who do not like comments for their post? Comments tell a writer that his/her writings are being appreciated. What a writer want?
Stop receiving spam comments

Spam means

What spam means?
Irrelevant or unsolicited messages on internet. Something off topic, comments or email which is used to advertising, phishing and spreading malware.

Here this post is about stop receiving spam comments. So how a blogger can decrease the amount of off topic comments?
Now stop receiving spam comments

Stop receiving spam comments

I was excited of first comment on my post, but it was just a comment asking me for how to subscribe for newsletter. After few weeks I started regular comments where so busy to promote and writing I was continuously receiving comments which I did not notice.

After few posts I was satisfied and wanted to get rest decided to check some traffic plugins to know how much I am receiving hits and daily visits. Hovering to plugins link on side menu bar of my dashboard I saw there were more than 22 comments are awaiting to moderate and all comments are marked by Akismet as spam.

Stop receiving spam comments
Akismet detected 38 comments in a single day

Akismet plugin comes with WordPress installation. You just need to activate it from plugins page.

Akismet had sent all unrelated comments in to spam folder that’s why I hadn’t noticed of any new comments(usually wordpress shows new comments on top admin bar).

Steps to stop receiving spam comments

WordPress has a lot of plugins for all problems. You just have to know it and install. Here to stop receiving spam comments you can take some steps.

You can not stop it, however decrease in number. Not all spam comments are from computer programs, some people also do it to get back links without posting related comments or review.

Follow these two and don’t allow

Two steps would decrease the number of irrelevant comments. You can manually go to check them out if it’s spam or not and take further action.

Step 1: Identify spam comments and put it into spam folder under which is under moderation so comments are not live. Akismet will find out off topic comments and send to spam folder, where you can see to all comments which is detected by Akismet.

Akismet protect
Akismet protects you from malicious login and comments. Display with stats just below the detail.

Step 2: Install CAPTCHA test plugin which adds an extra security which bots can pass. CAPTCHA plugin just puts a test before submit button it could be mathematical calculation or image test. You can set it for login page, registration page to avoid malicious entry.

stop receiving spam comments
After activating CAPTCHA test I have still spam comments but less

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