YouTube Channel Art, Login To Select An Item From Storage

YouTube asks to log in to Google account for uploading channel art. It keeps asking but does not do the job.

YouTube channel art error message

Once I was trying to customize the YouTube channel art. And it kept asking me to log in to Google account to upload and set an image. So frustrating the whole day and I left it. But I had to complete the job and I did.

The solution is here for you guys facing the same.

Login to Google account to select an item

In order to select an item from your online storage, please sign in.” This is the message whenever you try to upload an image for YouTube channel art.

I was using brave browser if you face this the solution is the same. Usually, it does not happen in the Google Chrom browser.

Steps to upload YouTube channel art in this case

YouTube channel art - brave cookies

This solution is based on brave browser.

Step 1: Click the three bars appear on the top right corner on the browser.

Step 2: Click “settings”.

Step 3: Under the “Shields” section find “Cookies control”.

Step 4: From this drop-down selection choose “Allow all cookies”.

A short video to fix YouTube channel art error

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